Senior Housing Managers

Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Senior Housing Managers (SHM)?

We are a dedicated group of elder care professionals that own, operate, develop and manage Senior Housing Communities. Our combined experience in the industry encompasses over 100 years with our Management Team having been instrumental in the acquisition, development and operation of more than 200 Senior Living Communities totaling 20,000+ living units. With a focus on providing a sensibly priced solution to the housing needs of our elders, this unique combination of industry experience, management systems, and professional capabilities work in harmony to develop practical, lasting, and bottom line oriented solutions for elders, families, employees and financial partners.

Our decades of experience have proven invaluable in the startup of new projects as well as the re-positioning of established communities.

What is your management approach?

We approach each situation from the perspective of seasoned elder care executives, in tune with the continuously evolving dynamics of elder housing and long term care. Our extensive experience with both the single and multi-facility and at the corporate-executive level provides the foundation for our services. This unique combination of business, administrative, and leadership capabilities enables us to provide goal oriented professional services, specifically tailored to address business and organizational challenges, and develop practical, lasting, and bottom line oriented solutions.

Who do you Typically Work With?

Over the past three decades, our Management Team has been privileged to work with a wide range of elder care companies, ranging from independent operators, chain operators, healthcare and faith based, and not-for-profit organizations. Our roles have been varied, often working with facility owners who manage their property but need professional support in arranging financing, establishing procedures, obtaining public approvals and licenses, pre opening marketing, promotion and pre leasing to get their project operational, and off to a good start. In other instances, we work with passive investors who have engaged us to manage every aspect of their senior living property. SHM can provide any number of professional services in an advisory, oversight, or Management capacity in connection with the planning for, development, start-up, and operation of a Senior Living Community. We also provide the full array of property management services on an ongoing basis.

Project Feasibility Support

Conduct research concerning competitive market conditions including retrieval, tabulation, and analysis of critical market data. Our process enables us to accurately analyze supply and demand characteristics and determine market feasibility for specific projects, in specific markets, at specific sites. We prepare market feasibility analysis reports in format consistent with debt and equity underwriting criteria. We also may guide sponsors with site selection and the acquisition process. SHM prepares financial feasibility reports which integrate critical development, operating, and financing cost assumptions, rent schedules and revenue sources, market rate wage and hour assumptions, lease up scenarios, long term operating and stabilized income and expense projections. From this data we prepare discounted cash flow analysis depicting projected estimated terminal value, calculation of returns on equity, costs and internal rate of return over the life of the investment.

Planning, design, and facility development

SHM makes input and recommendations respective to site selection, acquisition, planning, and the development process. We participate in the coordination of architectural design, review and make input into site plans, conceptual designs, interior space planning and programming, and overall architectural plan review to ensure maximum marketability and operational efficiency. SHM may assist in the process of development coordination: design and negotiate relationships and requirements respective to the timely coordination of all real estate development, public approvals, and construction activities in a manner which will facilitate the realization of projects within established schedules, budgets, and specifications.

Marketing occupancy development

Preparation of annual and quarterly marketing plans and monthly action plans outlining certain educational, community relations, sales and marketing activities. The marketing plans are developed through a coordinated effort with the owner, and implemented by onsite management and marketing personnel under the direction of SHM provides ongoing monitoring, guidance and intervention to achieve optimal performance and fulfillment of the marketing plans. The marketing plans are reviewed and updated regularly, subject to the reasonable approval of the owner. SHM can facilitate the design and production of collateral materials, print advertising and media advertising. All marketing activities are carefully documented and monthly reposts are given to owners, which clearly illustrate the previous period performance.


SHM develops: a) operational goals and objectives; b) strategies to expand service opportunities and improve market position and financial performance; and c) increase organizational effectiveness collectively, referred to as the “Management Plan”. SHM facilitates the design, development and implementation of integrated accounting, business planning, budgeting and management information systems, which systems can be provided by SHM to the owner for use at the project. The documentation of these accounting and information systems can be included in the Management Plan. SHM identifies vendors and negotiates contracts to provide goods and services consistent with those customary in an elder care facility and under the most cost-effective terms available. We compile, review and recommend revisions to annual budgets for review by the owner. Each of the projections becomes final with the final approval of the owner. We supervise and facilitate the development of a detailed annual business plan which includes operating and capital asset budgets, preventive maintenance plans, wage and hour administration plans, quarterly marketing plans and on-going quality assurance programs.

We have developed, documented, and “field tested” proven systems for virtually all aspects of the operation and marketing of senior living communities.

Regulatory compliance

Typically the owner is the Licensee of the project. SHM will assist the owner in meeting its initial licensing obligations for the project, and with continuing compliance requirements. Recommendations shall be consistent with the range of services allowable within the scope of the project’s licensure status. SHM advises the owner with respect to the management of the operations of the project in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including, but not limited to, the Fair Housing/Fair Housing Amendment Act, OSHA, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Equal Opportunity Act, applicable Medicaid rules and regulations, general safety and health standards and all applicable and relevant assisted living regulations that presently exist or may be enacted from time to time.


SHM develops specifications and competitively bids general and professional liability insurance, casualty insurance, as well as workers compensation and employee benefits for the project.

Quality assurance

SHM evaluates and assists in creating effective quality assurance and Staff development programs which concurrently address continuous improvement in the areas of staff development, resident programming, marketing and community relations, cost containment and asset management. We also review and make recommendations regarding performance standards and practices. SHM assists in the evaluation of all aspects of operation, and shall make recommendations with respect to quality control programs designed to meet standards imposed by appropriate certifying, licensing, compliance and other regulatory agencies and designed to bring about a superior standard of living.

Elder services

SHM plans, implements and reviews resident service programs such as dining and food services, personal care services, housekeeping-laundry, social and recreational activities, transportation and emergency services. Scope of review includes resident reference documentation, agreements, handbooks, records, contracts and related documents. SHM also manages the move-in coordination, resident assessment, and care planning processes, product/service pricing, admission and discharge policies and procedures for the community.

Physical plant

SHM manages interior and exterior physical plant maintenance and landscaping and develops preventive maintenance and replacement capital asset budgets. We make recommendations for capital expenditures and manage utility and energy audits to promote conservation and cost savings SHM manages all post-construction warranty work and service agreements and can evaluate facility expansion/renovation options and recommend a course of action.

Bookkeeping, accounting and reporting

SHM develops and maintains all bookkeeping and accounting procedures necessary for the operation of the Project and the maintenance of proper financial records, and operational systems. SHM supervises the design, development, implementation and production of routine management, marketing, financial and occupancy reports and other special reports or studies that may from time to time be specifically requested. SHM provides information and support to assist in completing tax returns and in complying with any reporting obligations imposed by any parties who may have security interests in the facility. SHM prepares these management, marketing, and financial reports.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Comparative Income Statement,
  • Trend reporting
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Aging A/R –A/P Detail
  • Monthly Rent Roll
  • Daily Census Summary,
  • Monthly Occupancy Summary.
  • Monthly Assessment Summaries
  • Food Cost and Utilization Reports
  • Daily Payroll /Staff Utilization reports

Additionally SHM can coordinate real estate tax appeals, quarterly reports to investors and/or Boards of Directors and make recommendations respective to financing and completion of loan applications.